Adani Group: Problems Not Ending, Adani Bonds also made us cry, Prices came at the Lowest Level of many Years

Adani Group Bonds: The problems of Adani Group do not seem to end. The Adani Group has been in trouble on several fronts ever since the report of American short selling firm Hindenburg Research came out. 

The company's shares have weakened, there are uncertainties regarding Adani Enterprises FPO (Follow-on Public Offer) as well. Meanwhile, a lot of selling is being seen in Adani Bonds in the global markets as well. Adani Group's bonds have come down to record low levels for many years. Dollar bonds also continue to decline.

Adani Shares are unable to maintain strength:

The shares of Adani Group are seen falling almost everywhere. Even today Adani Group's shares are not able to hold on to higher levels after opening from gap, however, Adani Enterprises Shares and Ambuja Shares are up 2-2%, both running in green mark, but both below high.

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Adani Bonds: What is the impact of the fall in Adani Bonds?

After the Hindenburg Report, there is a continuous decline in the bonds of Adani Group. If you look at the decline of three days of last week, Adani Green and Adani Transmission have declined by 10%. Adani Port has fallen by 6-7% and Adani Electricity has also fallen by about 6%. Adani bonds have fallen everywhere in the Asian and American markets. Bonds are trading at multi-year lows after yesterday's fall.

What is the impact of the fall in Adani Bonds?

Adani Bonds Price: Total fall by 10-12%. The bonds of Adani Ports listed in Hong Kong were down by more than 6.2 cents. On the other hand, there are 4 bonds of other companies, they have gone to the distress level, there was a decline of more than 70%. Eight other Adani Corporate Bonds were also down by 2 cents each. Overall, Adani Bonds have seen a decline of 10-12% on an average.

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