Be Alert - If you give Stock Tips on Social Media, then read SEBI's New Order

Social Media Influencers: Since the Corona period, the stock market has seen a tremendous boom of retail investors. At the time of Corona, the share prices of listed companies in the stock market were almost halved, after which retail investors participated in it and opened demat accounts.

Be Alert - If you give Stock Tips on Social Media, then read SEBI's New Order

But at present, many influencers on social media advise common people to buy in the market from their account and have started giving buy calls on a stock. In the last few days, there have been many cases where the general public is investing money in the stock market on the advice of non-registered people on social media. But now such people are not well.

SEBI brings New Order:

Market regulator Sebi is set to bring in regulations of unregistered and social media stock tips providers. According to sources, SEBI is going to bring a consultation paper on this. Opinion will be taken from stakeholders on this consultation paper and after that SEBI i.e. Securities Exchange Board of India will bring rules.

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This means that sebi will further tighten the screws on people giving stock tips on social media and action will be taken against those present on social media who are doing such work. In the coming time, stock tips will be strictly emphasized.

Strictness on non-registered investment advisory:

If sources are to be believed, SEBI may soon issue rules for unregistered investment advisors. Market regulator Sebi is preparing a consultation paper on this matter and rules will be made to prevent it by taking the opinion of stakeholders. Market regulator Sebi is concerned about advising unregistered investment advisors. In such a situation, many times investors get deceived and take wrong decisions.

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