What is TradingView and How to use TradingView for Day Trading in 2023 Market?

TradingView Tutorial for Day Trading in 2023 Stock Market: Can it be possible that there is talk of stock market and tradingview there is no discussion about it? If there is any platform that is most preferred for trading, then it is TradingView.

What is TradingView and How to use TradingView for Day Trading in 2023 Market?

If you want to understand the mathematics of the stock market, if you want to trend or invest, then keep charts, analysis, market updates becomes very important, in such a situation, most market experts will use a platform today, so this trading week which is the easiest, full of many features, clean and easy interface, so it is becoming very useful nowadays. Today we will learn about this platform in detail.

What is TradingView Platform?

It is a trending tool platform that gives information about trading charts, market ideas, market news and is the easiest to use. Through this app, you can analyze any stock, index, currency, index, feature, cryptocurrency using many features. 

In this app, you will find a large trader community that you will get to know different opinion ideas. On this, you will also get to read news from India as well as outside. If you call tradingview platform in simple language, then it is a platform used from beginner to advanced trader. 

How to use a TradingView account?

It is quite easy, anyone can make it their account in 2 minutes, for this you have to follow the steps given below. For this, you have to go to the Google Play Store and search tradingview you will see this app, which has more than 50 lakh people installed and its rating is more than 4.5.

➥ After installing this, you have to open this app, after doing this you will see the profile log in Left Bottam.

➥ After opening the profile, you will see many sign in options such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Rahu etc. In this, you have to sign in to it from the account you have or if you want, you can also login with your email.

➥ After this, your account will be opened, now you are ready to login to TradingView.

What are the features in TradingView?

If you talk about today, this platform has become quite popular because it is quite simple and easy to understand and there are many features that you do not find on other platforms. Let's see which are the functions that make it unique from others.

Profile of TradingView:

In this, you will get all the details of your account where you can edit your profile. In settings, you can set many options like language, alert, dark theme, watchlist, chart according to your choice.

In this, you will see your followers, following, your populated idea, reputation, etc.

News (TradingView News)

In this, you will get to read the latest news on the subject of bonds, futures, indices, stocks, currencies, cryptos etc. by reading which you will always be updated in the market. In this, you can read news from different countries.

Ideas (TradingView Ideas)

This feature is quite popular, in which this community will be seen sharing chart ideas through many people, which you can see and read. In this, you will see categories like Editor's Picks, Popular and Following.

Chart (TradingView Chart)

➥ Talking about this function, it is the biggest part of this platform, which is written and liked.

➥ In this, you will get to see a real-time chart that you will find smoother than other platforms, and it has many features for trading that you will not see on other platforms anywhere else.

➥ If you trade in the stock market, then it is very effective for you.

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In this, you will find different types of indicators, timeframes, alerts, trendlines, etc.

Watchlist (TradingView Watchlist)

In this, you can add stocks, indexes to your watchlist according to your choice and manage the list from now on.

In this, you can create different types of watchlists.

TradingView Chart

If you talk about trading views, it is used to see the most charts and it is very easy to understand. In this you have different types.

➥ Indicator Chart

➥ Time Frame

➥ Template

➥ Alert

➥ Trendlines

➥ Horizontal Vertical Lines

➥ Parallel Lines

➥ Fib Retracement, Fib Circles

➥ Text, Arrow, Balloon

➥ Short position,Long Position

➥ Price Range, Bars Pattern

TradingView used in Bank Nifty and Nifty 50?

This platform is mostly used by traders, due to which people like it very much due to real-time fast data in option trading in the index. Tradeline in Tradeview Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty, technical chart analysis makes this platform very easy, so it is quite good. In this, the charts of Bitcoin, Gold can also be seen well.

What is TradingView Paper Trading?

If you are new to the market and if you do not want to take risks but want to learn the market, then you can also do paper trading with the help of this platform like you really do in real time.

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Just like you trade on a broker platform, almost the same, but you do not really need a single rupee of real money, you will be able to do this with virtual money and when you learn it well, you can trend real according to you.

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What did you learn?

In this, you learned what is TradingView Platform [TradingView] How to open an account in it and what are its uses? If you do research and analysis for trending or investing yourself, then it is very good and you will also get a chance to interact with the same related community and you can learn a lot by following many experts.

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