4 Intraday Stocks for Monday 25th March: HEROMOTOCO, GLAND PHARMA, COLPAL and CHOLAFIN

The Indian market opens at 9:15 AM IST. Here are 4 stocks to watch:

HEROMOTOCO (HEROMOTOCO): Look for news, analyst ratings, and technicals (moving averages, RSI, MACD) to identify potential entry/exit points.

• GLAND PHARMA (GLAND): Research industry news, regulations, and technical indicators (Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator) for trading opportunities.

• CHOLAFIN (CHOLAFIN): Consider sector news (financials, interest rates), company announcements, and technical analysis (Fibonacci retracements, volume) for support/resistance levels.

• COLPAL (COLPAL): Research company/consumer goods news, product launches, and technical analysis (ADX, CCI) for market sentiment and trends.

Remember: Conduct your own research, consider market conditions, and set stop-loss orders. Intraday trading is risky and requires close monitoring.

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