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Welcome to TradingNeu, your number one source for all Stock Market News.


Due to my good knowledge of technology and investment, I started my blog on these topics.

After a few days, I started getting traffic, I kept writing and I learned many things and applied them on the blog. Even today I learn new things everyday from blogging and will continue to learn further.

My Aim (TradingNeu) -

Many people do not have knowledge on subjects like share market, mutual funds, investment and if they go to the market then have to buy courses worth thousands and lakhs of rupees. But through this website, everyone can learn how to trade and invest for free and start trading. In this era of technology, everyone should get financial freedom in future by taking its knowledge for free and live a happy life, this is my main aim. I believe that education of anything should be free.

~ Money Is Not The End Goal ~

It is not my aim to earn money from this blogging only through Google Adsense, Affiliate Program or Sponsorship. I like to write articles, I like to know and share trading and investment related information with people, it also gives me pleasure, so I will continue to do this in the future.

I'm working to turn my passion into a booming Trading website. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy offering them to you.


[ Jayesh ]

Note: TradingNeu is not responsible for any Loss incurred by given Trades/Calls. Do Proper Research before punching any Orders.

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